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For many years I was a typical scholar who wrote research papers but was not politically or
socially active. Eventually, as I was invited to work with increasing numbers of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, I came to think of myself as an activist scholar. For me, the science always comes first, but I feel it is important (and fun!) to use my scholarly and psychological knowledge to help activist groups. To this end, I served six years each on the Boards of
New Dream and Fairplay (formerly Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood). I also worked for many years with Tom Crompton, at first while he was at the WWF-UK and later when he formed the Common Cause Foundation. I’ve also done consulting for organizations like the new economics foundation and Global Action Plan, among others. Here are a few other
organizations whose work I particularly like:

Happiness Alliance
Move To Amend
Transition Towns

FoolProof Foundation

Many of the papers that I’ve written and talks that I’ve given apply my research and theorizing to issues of social change and environmental sustainability. Click here to see my CV.

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